Career Preparation E2

Qualities of an ideal employee

  • Punctual
  • Neat and tidy
  • That cares about customers and workmates
  • Good manners
  • That follows rules in work
  • Prepared to help in workplace
  • That follows health and safety rules in work
  • Cooperative
  • Reliable
  • Who is prepared to learn new skills at work

Qualities of an ideal employer

  • Employer who continuous training for their employees
  • Employer who cares about the employees
  • Employer who makes all proper tax and insurance deductions
  • An employer who pays at least minimum wage and allows for holidays

Coping mechanisms for dealing with unemployment:

Coping with unemployment you could : staying positive, relaxing, making a plan for your future, have a schedule, talk more with people.

New working position

Coping with new working position you have to  : arrive early, research new position, talk to colleges.

Coping mechanisms for dealing with career change

Coping with career change might mean relocating, retraining, having your hours reduced. You would need to keep busy and have a schedule if you were made redundant and also stay positive. Coping mechanism for dealing with new working position.



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