Personal Effectiveness Learning Outcome 1

Assertiveness :

Means that you should stand up for yourself when other people have a different way of thinking than you and explain your opinion, to be calm and collected not always inpatient and to be a good listener.

People don’t really like others that rush them all the time because then they will do a bad job.

To respect people that respect you there was an old saying “show respect get respect back”because if you are disrespectful them people will not like you and will not accept you in their groups so when you ever need help with something you will never get it.

To be fair with people and don’t take advantage off them to get what you want but confident and be able to speak for yourself if there is a problem or if you have a different way of thinking tell then and explain it to them.

Time Management:

  • Be punctual always on time don’t be late but if you can even be there earlier.
  • Give them a phone call in case your gonna be late.
  • Always look at the clock and put an alarm aswell in case you forget .
  • Schedule how long it will take you to get ready, how long it will take you to get there.


Good communications the key to success, in a job, day to day, people in general. If you are a good communicator you will be able to make friends and you will fit in with their groups, eg if you have the same interests as they have you could talk talk to them about your interests and see the feedback you get and if its good they will want you in their groups. If you are good at communicating you will have less stress because you could ask people for help eg if you talk with people that are experienced about what things your going trough or whats bothering you they could probably help you out and explain you how to go trough it or however they acted during that period.



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