Learning Styles

My learning style is Kinaesthetic and Visual.

  • Areas I’m good at are:



Image from www.speechbuddy.com


If I would want to cook a new dish, I like to follow my own instincts testing as I cook. If I am teaching someone something new I tend to demonstrate first and then let them have a go. When I go shopping for clothes I tend to try them on and test them out seeing how they look on me. When I’m choosing a new holiday I usually imagine what it would be like to be there and how i would feel being there. If I was buying a car I would test-drive lots of different types. When I am learning a new skill I am most comfortable giving it a try myself and work it out as I go. I choose household furnishings because I like their textures and what it feels like to touch them. When I’m anxious about something I can`t sit still fiddle and move around constantly.

  • Areas in learning I’m good at :

Digital : I’m good at photoshop, I have edited a banner for my youtube channel that came out really well, I  have edited people in background and I created shadows and blended people in so it looks like there in the picture.

Computers : I’m good at computers, i have created my own app, I built my own PC  from scratch and I know about all the hardware things and what is good and what is compatible with pieces in the pc.

Creativity: I like creating things like a drawing or a webpage or a video on youtube that i record and I edit on sony vegas pro 13 or premier.


  • Areas I need to improve :



Image from http://www.cetking.com

I need to improve in my skills of communicating, my auditive because I sometimes tend to not really listen to people when they are talking in class or makes me fall asleep sometimes. I need to improve literacy with the feedback i get from my instructor is my handwriting, and always says I need to improve.I need to improve my concentration skills.  I need to improve in things that will get me one day somewhere like respect, good listener etc.I need to improve on teamwork and to communicate with my group more and not to go ahead and do the work away on my own.




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