Level 4


Image from : http://www.ccftech.com

In this course of digital media at the moment I’m doing level 3, I would like to move and do level 4 because I want to continue to a college to do level 5 also known as PLC .

After PLC if its possible i would like to pass on to a level 6 or 7.

What I always wish to is Computer Science to learn more about computer, I heard that people usually know 30 % of whats in the computer some that build computers and work for computer design know about 50 % about computers but hackers know about 100% because behind the computer there are more things like scripting, coding, etc.

I would like to try out computer hacking as a white hat hacker and for that i need a level 7 college degree and qualifications, as a white hat hacker you could work as CIA in America.

I would also like to do a Gaming Design course because everyday I play video games and a few years ago I was playing Grand Theft Auto San-Andreas and by playing online SA-MP(San Andreas Multi Player) I created my own server that I had to do allot of scripting and coding so I have a little experience in scripting and coding but still learning and hoping to find out how to learn about it or do a course on this topic.

I have also built my own custom computer that I’m still upgrading as I get more money to buy new and good pieces.


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