Importance of the Internet in modern life


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The internet access through Internet service is now such a powerful research tool that it has done away with lots of the old methods like learning and getting information by visiting offices or writing letters, also use for Communications like Facebook , twitter, they also could use a WebMail, etc. that you find in the Search Engine on a new Web Browser. Every website at the top of the page there is the link and usually when you type up a link you start with WWW that stands for World Wide Web then you type the website then “.com”.  Life has become interesting and easier in the age of internet service as with the click of a button you can find information of any and every subject that you can think of. This also applies for searching for a partner for marriage, dating or friendship. Internet service sites give good knowledge how to go for dating and friendship. E-commerce is useful to order food to your house or to buy things that aren’t in your local shop so you don’t have to travel to a different country.


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