Learning Outcome 7 : Internet &Online Social Networks

Today I learnt about :

  • Binary 01


  • Formats that are :
  1. podcasts
  2. video tutorial
  3. music videos
  4. social media
  5. text
  6. images
  7. games
  • Social networks that are :
  1. Personal (facebook, twitter)
  2. Professional (jobs.ie, indeed)
  3. Charity/ fundraising (kickstarter, fundit.ie)
  4. Educational (edex.adobe.com, lynda.com)
  • Benefits of social network:
  1. connect with people
  2. get advise , information
  3. up to date with news
  4. no need to travel to communicate
  • Inappropriate content for sharing online:
  1. Personal information
  2. Defamatory comments
  3. Any type of racist material
  • Why is data confidentiality important in the workplace:
  1. Keeps information safe , everybody behaves professionals
  2. People don’t see what they shouldn’t
  • Advantages of using blog posts in comparison to written sheets:

You can add in media like :

  1. pictures
  2. you can tag and categorise
  3. your posts, you can share them
  4. people can comment on them
  • Why do we use “tags” in our posts ?

Use tags to demonstrate key words and show what the post is about is also good for search engine optimisation (SEO)


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