Internet Skills Learning Outcome 3


Today I have learnt about :

  • Websites and types of info :
  1. Facebook – posts or status,news
  2. Youtube – tutorials trailers music etc.
  • Web browsers that let you access the www
  1. Google chrome
  2. Safari
  3. Firefox
  4. Internet explorer
  • URL – web address, link
  • A home is a opening page of website and its usually the first page you will see if you type in a web.
  • HTML – sends you to a web page
  • Popular social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram


  • Advantages of social networks:
  1. Can advertise
  2. Ask people for advice
  3. Entertain


  • Disadvantages of social network:
  1. privacy issues
  2. being tracked online
  3. addictive
  • Vlogs or channels I watch:
  1. Iobagg
  2. MoVlogs
  3. Ksi
  • E-Learning
  1. Advantages

-You can learn anything

-You learn at your own pace

-No travelling

2.  Disadvantages


-Reliant on technology

-Age restriction



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