Internet Skills Learning Outcome 2

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In this outcome we look at how internet is used, content and email.

  • Internet can be used for :
  1. research
  2. texting people
  3. playing online games
  4. streaming
  5. finding information
  6. ordering food
  7. uploading
  8. downloading
  9. using youtube
  10. buying and selling
  11. creating websites
  12. spend your time
  • Types of content
  1. Images\pictures
  2. Diagrams/illustrations
  3. videos
  4. audio/ music
  5. podcasts
  6. text
  7. games
  8. search bars
  • The World Wide Web (WWW)is a system of hypertext documents that are all connected up to each other and accessed via the internet.


  • Links
  1. WWW – world wide web
  2. Https – Hyper text transmission protocol security
  3. .ie – Ireland
  4. Domain – Blanchardstownctc


  • Email: Electronic mail that you can send to anyone in the world once you have their address.


  • What are come common email providers?
  1. Gmail
  2. Yahoo
  3. ICloud
  4. Hotmail
  5. Outlook

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