Digital Media Learning Outcome 4 – Audio

Today I was learning about :

  • What is audio ?

-Audio is any sound we can hear.

For example : Music live or recorded, speeches, pot casts, soundtrack etc.

  • Sound is a vibration that is picked up by our ears.
  • A loud sound has a lot of intensity measured in dB.
  • Hertz (Hz) is a unit that measures frequency.
  • Sound
  1. Foley sound – is a reduction of everyday sound effects added to a film.
  2. Location sound – A production sound mixer, location sound recordist.
  3. Wild track – wild track also known as  wild sound and wild lines.
  4. voiceover – a piece of narration in a film or Brodcast, not accompanied by an image.
  5. Special FX – visual illustrations in a film or image.
  • Audio at home:

    Image result for stereo speakers
    Image from
  2. MONO
Image result for mono speaker
Image from


Image result for surround sound speaker
Image from
  • Mic :
  1. Dead cat – to stop wind from blowing in the mic
  2. Brodcast headset – to listen to people talking and talk back to them
  3. Shotgun microphone – to record everything in front of the mic
  4. Boom pole – to increase range of the microphone
  5. Lepel mic  – to record a person stictly

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