Internet Skills Learning Outcome 1

Today I have learnt about :

  • Words that come to my mind when I think of the internet :
  1. paypal
  2. computer
  3. google
  4. streams
  5. wifi
  6. smartphone
  7. search
  8. youtube
  9. facebook
  10. instagram
  11. wikipedia
  • Three examples of how the internet effects modern life:
  1. People living virtual lives, talking face to face less and messaging more
  2. People constantly looking at screens or reading their feed/stream
  3. People order shopping /dinner online and going out less
  • A history of the internet

The technology was developed in 1969 to enable four computers in different universities to 1979 a company called Compuserve offered email to users.

  • Key words of history of the internet


-Bulletin Boards

-GUI – Graphic User Internet

-World Wide Web

  • E-Commerce is buying and selling goods or service online
  • Main advantages of using a bank card:
  1. Quick and easy use
  2. Open 24/7 no need to go to the bank and take out money with passport
  3. Very secure-logs out automatically
  • Internet and Communications
  1. memes
  2. skype
  3. email
  4. facebook
  5. tagging people
  6. viber
  7. whats app
  8. snapchat
  9. emoji
  10. images/videos



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