Digital Media Learning Outcome 6 – Security & Copyrig

Today I have learnt about the following things:

Computer Viruses:

  • A computer virus copies itself and spreads from one computer to another trough email and websites / adds.
  • The main way to protect your pc against viruses is by buying an anti-virus.
  • Three anti-viruses are : AVG, CC Cleaner, Bitdefender.

Backing Up

  • Its important to back up fines in case you loose them
  • In case a the PC breaks down and you loose everything
  • In case stolen

-Back Up devises:

  1. USB key
  2. External Hard drive
  3. SD card
  4. CD/DVD

-Other ways of backing up are to put them on a cloud like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive.

The difference between a user and administrator is that the admin can have access to everything on the pc and the user has access only on what he has permission to access from the admin.

If a file was ‘Read Only’ means you cannot edit the file. If the file was ‘Read and Write’ you can read it and edit it.

Good Password Practice:

  • Capital and lowercase letters
  • Make the password longer
  • Don’t use anything obvious
  • Change it regularly
  • Have more than one
  • Use numbers as well

Data needs to be protected to save money. Keep private information safe and confidential, prevent people being scammed/ripped off.

Copy right is a legal concept that is enforced by the governments to protect the authors original work. This means that other people cant use it only if they have permission from the author or buys it.

You will know if its no copyright on youtube because if it says ‘No copy right’ in the description down by the video on youtube means you can use it.



  • You see the movie in good quality
  • You watch it on big screen
  • You can go there with your friends
  • Its legal and you can watch the movie straight away when it comes out


  • Expensive
  • You have to leave your house and it could be far away
  • There are lots of people there and someone could sit in front of you and you can’t see the screen so you don’t enjoy it
  • If you go with friends they might distract you or people can make noise

This is the video of copyright i found on youtube.

Creative Commons : Sometimes its ok to share someone else’s work, its different to copyright because it lets you play, share, remix someones work as long as its fair use and it not for making money on it. When we use our blog, we always say where we took our images from. The same applies to text. If you copy and paste text into a blog post, use make (“”)and include where you got it from. Here is a website where you can find out more on copyright.

Here is where you can get copyright information in Ireland.




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