Digital media learning outcome 2 -Using a Digital Camera

Today I have learnt photography basics for example :

  • Briefly how a camera works
  • The advantages of digital cameras over film cameras

we also learnt about why SD cards are efficient :

  • You can easily take pictures of the SD card to your pc
  • Its portable and you can fit it in your pocket

SD cards are also very fragile and they can break easily .

We did the introduction to the camera where we were taught how to remove the battery , SD card and how to put them back in also putting the camera on the tripod and putting the battery to charge .

We learnt how digital cameras are used to support the training in the centre and we gave examples like :

  • group photos
  • portrait photos for college applications
  • evidence of work
  • recording skills demo

We learnt how to keep a camera safe and how to clean it

  • we use silicon gel (to keep the camera away from moist )
  • cleaning supply (to clean lens , the mirror inside , screen )
  • lens cap (to keep the lens safe from scratches )
  • soft bag (to prevent additional damage to the camera if the bag drops )

we learnt 3 different lenses :

  1. telephoto lens (these lenses are for taking long distance pictures )
  2. fisheye lens (For taking round pictures that are 180 degrees )
  3. wide-angle lens (the exaggeration of relative size can be used to make foreground objects prominent and streaking )
  4. micro lens (for very small things like a bug )

Also pictures were provided with different pictures taken with the fisheye , wide angle lens and telephoto .

we also learnt about time lapse and stop motion and provided with video :

Timelaps :

Stop motion:


We also learnt Photo Taking Tips :

  1. Get close – Use your legs !
  2. Low or High Angle
  3. Place the main subject off-centre
  4. Horizon line – not in the middle
  5. Permission

we also did the symbols for Timer , Battery , Delete , USB , Power , View/play

We did a Photography Project on light painting :

I have done 3 pictures with it





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