Safe Working Environment

  If I owned a company it would be placed in America probably in Miami because of the nice weather and because its a rich city. Ten things I should do to make sure it is a safe place to work for my staff. I should make sure that I have a safety statement out. […]

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Workplace Safety – PPE

Head protection Image from Head protection is to keep you safe at construction sites in case something falls so it doesn’t hit your head. Ear protection Image from here This is to keep your ears safe from loud noises that could affect your health. Foot protection Image from here These shoes are to keep your […]

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Career Preparation E2

Qualities of an ideal employee Punctual Neat and tidy That cares about customers and workmates Good manners That follows rules in work Prepared to help in workplace That follows health and safety rules in work Cooperative Reliable Who is prepared to learn new skills at work Qualities of an ideal employer Employer who continuous training […]

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Learning Styles

My learning style is Kinaesthetic and Visual. Areas I’m good at are: Kinaesthetic Image from   If I would want to cook a new dish, I like to follow my own instincts testing as I cook. If I am teaching someone something new I tend to demonstrate first and then let them have a go. When […]

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